Scene: Classic Police Interrogation Room

Characters: Alice Bailey & Handsome Police Office #1


Policeman: You think she was murdered on the train? That’s not terribly creative. Didn’t Agatha Christie already solve that mystery?

Alice: No, dummy. I said she got a burger on the train. Do you ever listen? But she died later in the hospital from poisoning.

P: Food poisoning?

A: It would have to be if it was in a burger.

P: Intentional food poisoning?

A: Yes sir. She was a witch.

P: As in hansel and gretel?

A: They were kids, not witches.

P: How well did you know her?

A: The witch?

P: Yes, the witch.

A: Oh, she used to sell me potions every weekend at the market.

P: What kind of potions?

A: Do I look like harry potter?

P: No. You said-

A: She wasn’t a real witch. I knew her from my church.

P: What church?

A: Well I’m not going to tell you now. You’ll think it’s full of snakes and witches.

P: Is it?

A: I don’t know. I haven’t been going lately.

P: Because of the witches and snakes?

A: No. I work on Sundays now.

P: And where do you work for the record?

A: On the train. Isn’t that how you got my name?

P: Do you have any idea how the witch was poisoned.

A: I think it was her burger. Next you’ll ask me if I was the one who did it.

P: Were you?

A: Was I what?

P: Did you poison the burger?

A: Yup.


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